Miracles Through the Intercession of Mother Mariam Thresia

The people came to pray their last respects to Mother Mariam Thresia, talked to each other, “She lived as a saint and she will be a saint in future”…Soon after her burial the local school children began to pray at her tomb. Gradually people from different parts started visiting her tomb begging her intercession. As per the records, more than 7000 favours were reported till July 2002.

Miraculous Cure of Rheumatism-Sr.Claudia Chf

In May 1950, I was admitted as a postulant in the Congregation of the Holy Family. After sometime I had an attack of a special kind of rheumatism (hyper topic Osteoarthropathy), resulting in the limbs becoming stiff and immovable. The noted Ayurvedic doctors such as Moose, Nambisan, Thottan and assistant doctor Imman Khan treated me and they were of opinion that the illness was incurable. In order to continue my religious life, the novice mistress directed me to pray at the tomb of Mariam Thresia. We began praying. On the ninth day of the novena the pain was more sever than usual. Around midnight a Sister resembling the novice mistress approached me: “Now you are better, aren’t you? The pain has left you. It won’t recur but you will have other pains which will secure for you heavenly rewards.” So saying the Sister departed, walking away.

I felt relieved of my pain immediately. I got up and sat on the bed. I realized that I was cured completely. Next morning I joined the other sisters for prayers in the chapel. They were surprised to see me. I told the novice mistress all that had happened the previous night. She told me that she had not come to my room the previous night. It was Mother Mariam Thresia who had appeared to me and relieved me of my pain. To be sure of my recovery I was examined by Dr. Imman Khan of Mala Hospital. He was surprised to see me fully healed and gave me a certificate of complete cure. I have never again been troubled by this disease. I am fully convinced that I was cured by the intercession of Mother Mariam Thresia. However, as I was warned, however, I am now suffering many other pains.

Sr. Claudia, CHF


April 11, 1965